Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Easy to carry and easy to use.


-NLDC core technology
NLDC technology makes it easy to read 1D & 2D barcodes displayed on paper and screens


-High-performance laser amer
Provides a bright and clear laser crosshair aiming pattern even in bright sunlight, ensuring accurate aiming


-Bluetooth communication
It is equipped with BT 4.0 Class 1 technology that can perform paying with PC, iOS devices, and Android devices, and enjoys improved data rates 5 times faster than normal BT

In addition, in a desktop environment without Bluetooth, it is possible to use USB, but it can be used directly as an HID in conjunction with the accessory DOTD-100 Bluetooth dongle.


-IP42 waterproof, can withstand 1.2m drop


-Long battery life
Lithium-ion battery can be used continuously for up to 11 hours






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