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KC Industrial Introducing CONNECTthings™ Security PaaS with RAIN RFID for Data Management

For the evolution/transition to Industry 4.0, the important thing in the industrial field is identification and management of IDs for each component of each equipment, device, sensor, robot, etc.

In addition, management of data input and output from the identified ID is also important, and all these transactions need to be made on the basic basis of security.

Since KC Industrial first commercialized the world's first UHF RFID security solution CONNECTthings formerly known 'RFSSID (RF Smart & Secure ID)' that complies with international security standards in June last year, KC Industrial has developed a platform that can support Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 environments.

CONNECTthings provides a solution that can assign IDs to all equipment, devices, and robots used in industrial sites, and through the assigned ID, End-to-End to securely send and receive data from the OT network to the upper IT network. End security solutions are also provided.

In addition, a data management solution (Thunder) that stores, filters, and converts numerous data generated in the OT network and transmits it to various customer systems such as MES, SCM, PLM, and ERP of the IT network has also been recently developed.

With this, CONNECTthings will be equipped with platform products such as BoltRF industrial gateway, industrial RFID terminal (PDA), industrial RFID security tag, and bridge server system, and service infrastructure such as cloud-based key management system, provisioning system, and key injection system. It has become a total solution that meets the environment and requirements.

BoltRF, a product corresponding to the platform, is expected to contribute to maximizing smart factory efficiency by adding RFID functions to industrial gateways.

In particular, it is expected that effective and transparent inventory management and product life cycle management for objects entering and leaving the manufacturing plant by completing pilot installations in the domestic semiconductor equipment and material business fields are expected. Material suppliers were also found to configure the same RFID system in order to establish an environment compatible with customers. BoltRF, an industrial gateway, supports various industrial protocols, so customers who use it can build a secure system with one device without the need to have separate RFID readers and industrial gateways, reducing cost and convenience in operation and maintenance.

The CONNECTthings system constructed this time is expected to be applicable to many fields in the future. In order to build efficient smart factory and smart city operation, the need for RFID is expected to increase continuously. Accordingly, it is expected that the demand for equipment and platforms that support various protocols and RFID functions at the same time will continue to increase. BoltRF is the only domestic company equipped with RFID functions in industrial gateways, and is highly expected to be comparable to other overseas companies.

KC Industrial is also developing edge computing-based solutions with AI functions of CONNECTthings. In addition, it is preparing a low-cost industrial gateway for SMEs.

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