1) System Configuration

  • Commercialization of the world's first security standard (EPC Gen2V2)

  • TAG <-> UHF RFID Reader <-> End-to-end security implementation between servers (Cloud)

  • I-IoT Module (KSM-100) can be easily controlled from the website (security level can be selected)

2) Change ID

  • Level 1 (Change ID)

  • Real-time ID change technology for non-secure tags

  • Automatically change tag data to prevent previous tag data from being used

3) Secure

  • Level 2 (Gen2V2 Security)

  • EPC Gen2 V2 security integration technology through security tags and services

  • Encrypted communication with end-to-end encryption key

4) Security Service

  • Basic security platform for protecting product, personal and company information

  • Server auto-scaling, load balancing and separate physical servers possible

  • Commercialization of the world's first cloud-based service

  • https://www.smart-secureid.com/home/

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