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추상 모양

투명경영, 정도경영

케이씨 인더스트리얼은 “투명경영, 정도경영”의 이념으로 공정한 업무수행과

투명한업무처리원칙을 실천해오고 있습니다.

What is Ethical Management?

Ethical management refers to a management method that reflects social norms in corporate decision-making and behavior along with fulfilling economic and legal responsibilities. It refers to prioritizing ethical aspects in the event of conflicts between corporate or individual profit-seeking activities.




The Company always listens to the various opinions of its customers and takes customer satisfaction as the top priority for all judgments and actions.



In order to provide economically sound return to shareholders, the Company realizes sound profits through efficient management, respects the rights and decisions of shareholders and faithfully discloses necessary management information.





The Company works with its partners to create a clean and transparent trading environment.

All transactions should be conducted fairly in a mutually equal position, and in the long term, we will actively support our partners to be competitive, pursuing for mutual development.


Nation & Socity

The Company contributes to society through social activities along with economic development and faithfully complies with all relevant laws involving human rights, environment, culture, and economy.

The Company creates an environment in which employees can work fairly with a sense of integrity, in accordance with social laws and regulations, and employees are public.


The Company’s employees strive to accomplish the Company's goals and interests based on honesty and trust, while maintaining dignity in business and personal activities with the attitude of representing the company in private and public.

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"Cyber Reporting”

In principle, unfair business handling of executives and employees or unfair demands and corruption using their positions are reported in real name, and they are treated privately.

We will only respond to what you reported under your real name, and the response period will take a minimum of 7-10 days as you will go through necessary procedures such as checking related people.

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