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KC industrial's

'Image of qualified employee of company'

Every KC industrial employee pursues the organizational innovatiom, communication and growth based

Leading Innovation

1. Challenging practices and existing assumptions.

2. Lead changes in technology, institutions and culture instead of merely following them.

3. Don't afraid to take on challenges and to admit failures.

Clear Decision & Action

1. Find the cause of complex situations.

2. Focus on the what is essential, and do not hesitate when making a decision.

3. Set a simple standard for decision-making if multiple variables exist.

Honesty & Integrity

1. Do not hide the problem or distort the facts.

2. Do not violate laws, the ethics code and the work standard for the benefit of the organization or an individual.

3. Do the right thing by fulfilling one's responsibilities and duties.

Open Communication

1. Express opinion, and listen to others regardless of their position.

2. Actively share and communicate issues.

3. Do not deman solutions immediately if someone point out a problem.

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